Economic Justice

We work to advocate for the under-served, disadvantaged, disenfranchised, and often voiceless members of society in Connecticut on whose behalf and for whose just treatment we advocate in the public policy arena, playing a role unique among Conferences of the United Church of Christ.

Much of this work is done through the efforts of Legislative Advocate Michele Mudrick.  Her position as a registered lobbyist at the Connecticut State Capital was made possible by a major bequest from Mr. Frank Baker. (Read more about the history of this position here.)

How does the Conference decide on which issues to take a stand?

Social policy opinions are decided by the lay delegates and clergy who attend and vote at the Conference's annual meetings. Their resolutions speak for the Conference, but not necessarily its member congregations or individuals.

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Some of the issues on which CTUCC has been most active in recent years:

Casino Gambling

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Employment issues

  • Working for increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour
    (Read CTUCC's 2016 Testimony submitted on this issue)
  • Supporting Paid Family and Medical Leave
  • Supporting legislation concerning the recoupment of State Costs Attributable to low wage employers

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Criminal Justice reform

  • Supporting Criminal Justice Reform and the Governor’s Second Chance Society to end Mass Incarceration for non-violent offenses
    (Read CTUCC's 2016 Testimony submitted on this issue)
  • Working on “Banning the Box” on employment applications to prevent employers from requiring prospective employees to disclose any criminal history prior to an offer of employment
  • Working to ensure funding for legal services for the poor

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Quality of Lilfe issues

  • Ensuring everyone in Connecticut has access to quality, affordable healthcare
  • Supporting the labeling of GMOs in food
    (Read CTUCC's 2016 Testimony submitted on this issue)
  • Working to restore the right of every adopted adult citizen in Connecticut  to obtain a copy of their original, true birth certificate
  • Working for guardianship opportunities for children and implementing provisions of the Federal preventing sex trafficking and strengthening Families Act.

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How can my church get involved? 

There are many ways your church can get involved in legislative advocacy work. Here are some:

  • Our moral voice is needed at the State Capitol and legislators want to hear your voice!  Establish a relationship with your State Representative and State Senator. Call their office and set up a meeting to see them so we can talk about the issues that are important to CTUCC. Michele Mudrick will help you plan this meeting, attend this meeting with you and invite other constituents to attend the meeting. You can find out who your legislators are here: and scroll down to “Find  your legislator.”

  • Invite Essex UCC member and former Congressman Bob Steele to come and speak to your congregation about the dangers of another casino being built in Connecticut. Bob is working with Michele in building a Coalition against Casino Expansion in Connecticut and we need your help about sharing the social and economic costs of having another casino in our state. You can see the interview Bob Steele did with Rev. Kent Siladi at right.  Find out more on the No More Casinos in Connecticut website, which the Conference is co-sponsoring. Reach Bob Steele at
  • Write letters to the editor about issues that are most important to you or start a letter writing campaign for an issue dear to your heart.
  • Like and share the Facebook page No More Casinos in Connecticut
  • Work with Michele in submitting written testimony for bills we are working on. Visit the website frequently to get updates on what bills to submit written testimony for. Or Join the CTUCC Advocate Corps, a group of individuals dedicated to addressing specific bills when called upon by Michele. Complete this form to sign up for the Advocate Corps.


Please reach out to Michele Mudrick if you have any questions, want to learn more or get involved. Thank you for your support in advocating for justice on behalf of the marginalized and voiceless in our state.

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