Fundraising and Development Specialist (Full-time) - MACUCC


The Massachusetts Conference is looking for an experienced professional with entrepreneurial sensibilities to invigorate fundraising and development as it seeks funding for existing programs and staffing, as well as expanding such ministries as racial justice, addressing climate change, and fostering the emerging church movement among its churches.  This newly created position will help the Conference more actively seek funding by establishing a robust donor development plan, successfully winning grant funding, and identifying new sources of fundraising income, in addition to evaluating and enhancing current fundraising practices and approaches.  The Fundraising and Development Specialist will provide a critical role at a moment when shifts in funding support for religion generally, as well as within the United Church of Christ specifically, require us to rethink how we’re seeking funding from congregations, individuals, and institutions. 

  • Establishing a comprehensive and successful individual donor development plan
  • Leading Annual and Friend of the Conference appeals
  • Coordinating communications with local churches regarding their fellowship dues and other giving
  • Researching and seeking foundation grant funding
  • Identifying and recommending new fundraising avenues and approaches
  • Recommending potential innovations local churches could use to enhance their fundraising
  • Staffing the Conference’s Finance Committee
  • B.A. degree
  • Training in fundraising and development
  • At least three (3) years of professional experience demonstrating entrepreneurial success in implementing fundraising and development approaches
  • Familiarity with current and emerging fundraising and development approaches
  • Working familiarity with contact management and/or development software tools
  • Self-motivation, innovation, and entrepreneurship
  • Strong administrative, planning, organizational, and communication skills
  • Experience writing grant proposals
  • Ability to track donor/constituent relationships
  • Familiarity with United Church of Christ polity, practice, and culture, especially as these relate to stewardship, philanthropy, and giving 
  • Ability to work well in a team-based environment that values honest communication and being dedicated to the overall mission of the Conference
  • Ability to deal effectively with diverse persons, theologies, groups, and perspectives
  • Sense of humor
The Massachusetts Conference is an Equal Opportunity Employer and an Open and Affirming Conference. 
How to Apply
Please send a letter of interest to Patti at to receive more information about next steps, including the full job description. 

Contact: Patti Babcock