Bookkeeper - Hartford (Immanuel)


Job Overview:                        Bookkeeper tracks and documents income and expenditures for church with staff of 6 full-time and 17 part-time staff.  Accounting system utilizes QuickBooks (QB), with a contracted payroll service.  This is a part-time position with estimated workload of 24 hours per month; flexible hours.

  • Post weekly offering and other cash receipts to QuickBooks (QB), and prepare bank deposit for non-pledge cash receipts (weekly)
  • Submit workload information to payroll service; post payroll transactions and payroll fees to QB (every 2-week pay period)
  • Review all disbursement transactions to ensure they were charged to the correct budget accounts. Review receipts for expenses charged to church credit cards and post charges to QB.
  • Maintain leases and building usage agreements for three church properties. Receive rents from tenants, deposit rent receipts, record monthly rent receipts in QB and notify the Board of Finance (B of F) when rents are overdue.
  • Reconcile bank account during the first week of each month, resolve all reconciliation discrepancies and send reconciliation reports to the B of F. Prepare monthly Balance Sheet and P&L for the B of F meeting and the Council meeting.
  • Prepare detailed reports for each committee monthly showing disbursements, to enable them to review the status of their budgets.
  • Attend weekly staff meeting as necessary.
Training and Experience
            Experience maintaining financial records for a large organization required.  Experience as a bookkeeper, experience with QuickBooks highly desirable.  Previous employment with a church organization or similar non-profit preferred.  Demonstrated ability to work effectively with both professional staff and volunteers highly desirable.

To apply, please provide resume and two references.

Contact: Sue Fisher, Church Administrator

Address: 10 Woodland Street Hartford CT 06105

Phone: 860-527-8121