Churches in Transition

From the time we are born until the time we depart this life, we experience transitions: times of change. As long as churches are alive, they too will experience times of transition.

Transitions move us from one thing to the next:

  • To rediscovery,
  • To new assessment,
  • To new mission and vision.

Transitional Ministries of the Connecticut Conference provides resources, assistance, and accompaniment as churches go through Leadership Transitions or Church Life Cycle Transitions.

Leadership Transitions occur when:

  • Pastors retire,
  • Pastors move on,
  • Pastors resign, or
  • Pastors and congregations just don't fit.

Church Life Cycle Transitions may occur when:

  • Membership shifts,
  • The surrounding neighborhood changes,
  • Youth are not present, or
  • Building use needs to be reviewed.



The national UCC resource A Pilgrimage Through Transitions and New Beginnings** supports a congregation from an ending to a beginning – from the time of saying "goodbye" to your current pastor, through the season of transition and interim leadership, and finally to the welcome and installation of your new pastoral leader.


The Authorized Minsters’ Compensation Guidelines Document is designed to guide churches as they develop and/or update the compensation package for their pastors. 

Find out more on the Clergy Compensation Guidelines Page



The first stop is with the church's Regional Minister, who works with the support of the Associate Conference Minister for Transitions.

Southwest Senior Regional Minister:
Michael Ciba

South Central Regional Minister
Mary Nelson

Eastern Regional Minister
Chuck Ericson (Interim)
(860) 324-2932

Northwest Central Regional Minister
Tamara Moreland


Registrar and Program Associate
Jill Ford



Transitions happen in every setting of life, including that of local churches. The Connecticut Conference has support systems, services, and people for congregations in the midst of leadership change, and this video serves as an introduction to those resources:


When churches need leadership during a transition time, they have options. This video surveys the strengths of two alternatives for transitional leadership: Interim Ministry or Designated Term Ministry: