Bullying in the Churches

Stephen Finlan


Stephen Finlan's book Bullying in the Churches address some hard issues about the dynamics of power in Protestant churches.

What is Possible When People Work Together for a Common Purpose

Ellie Richardson


This past Saturday over 700 people came together at Minnechaug Regional High School in Wilbraham. We worshiped together, sang together, learned together, shared conversations over lunch, visited with vendors. We were challenged, provoked and inspired by Brian McLaren’s message and 52 other workshops. Those who attended this Super Saturday may not have realized something different was going on behind the scenes. To them I say:   Connecticut and Massachusetts Conference staff working the ...

A New Holiday for the UCC

Sir John Hargrave


"Like the early American colonists, together we can do amazing things." - John Hargrave

Autophagy in Lent

Michael Ciba


Autophagy is a biological process in which certain elements within a living cell attack and destroy other materials within the cell... The early days of Lent are an opportunity to identify and destroy those things within ourselves that get in the way of our following Jesus.

Time to Support $15 Minimum Wage Bill Is Here

David Biklen


A $15/hour wage bill is on the floor of the CT House of Representatives for consideration.

A Time to Come Together

Sue Foster


"For a short time, anyway, we will be able to worship and learn, plan and praise. We are setting aside time to be the church, together. " —Rev. Susan Foster

Guide to Good Governance

The Parish Paper


After months of meetings, the long-range planning committee of Epiphany Church submitted a report to the congregation’s board. The report highlighted three important conclusions: (1) the average age of regular worship attendees is going up while worship attendance overall continues to decline; (2) action steps must be taken immediately; and (3) major changes are needed in ministry priorities. After careful review, the board laid out five possible courses of action. How did Epiphany Church board ...

Prayers from Women Clergy Retreat

Michelle Hughes


Rev. Michelle Hughes shares a few of the prayers lifted at the Women Clergy in the CT Conference retreat in Hamden.

Reformative Justice

Gordon Bates


Rev. Gordon Bates shares some of the research from his recent book on CT prisons and criminal justice reforms.

The Importance of an Extravagant Welcome

Cecile Gilson


It is more important than ever for us as people of God to welcome all into the safety and embrace of our church communities. Our LGBTQ friends are hungry for a place to worship just as they are, just as God created them.

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