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3rd Annual Revival Being Held Oct. 13 and 14
Clergy, lay leaders, and church members of all ages are invited to attend the 3rd Annual Connecticut Conference, United Church of Christ Revival ...

Hurricane Relief - Update from UCC
From the Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida on Sunday, Sept. 10 with record-force winds and storm surges on the coasts. The storm ...

Legislative Advocate Issues Urgent Appeal for Calls to Legislators
Connecticut Conference Legislative Advocate Michele Mudrick is asking faith leaders in the Conference to call on their state representatives and ...
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A Letter from the Conference Minister
Colleagues: The news from the devastation in Texas continues to unfold in tragic ways. As members of the United Church of Christ we have always been ...

March for Justice in Boston: Answering the Call
To see 40,000 people gathered in Boston to counter-protest 30 or 40 Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists was remarkable. Even if some of our political ...

Farewell From Cecile
"In Ecclesiastes we are famously reminded that there is a time for everything." —Cecile Gilson

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THE NORWICH BULLETIN: Replica Colchester Schoolhouse ‘A Symbol of Diversity’
Colchester Federated works with Colchester Historical Society to dedicate Colchester Historic School for Colored Children.

THE MIDDLETOWN PRESS: First Church in Middletown Reinvents Itself With New Mission, Out-of-box Approach to Spirituality
As the Rev. Julia Burkey strides into her office dressed in blue khakis, a sleeveless white blouse, sandals and with her hair pulled back into a ...

NBC CT NEWS: Workers Mark Labor Day with Demand for Increased Minimum Wage
The “Fight for 15” took to the streets across the country and across Connecticut this Labor Day. Rallies were planned in hundreds of cities nationwide...


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Seeking Good News
"I'm a journalist with the best gig a journalist can have: I tell good news." — Drew Page
Spirited Wednesday
God's Generous Grace
"God is perhaps not always fair, but God is always generous." — Rev. Sara Ofner-Seals