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Efforts to Oppose More CT Casinos
The 2017 Legislative Session of the Connecticut General Assembly begins on January 4. With only 1 month to go, CT Conference's Legislative Advocate ...

#GivingTuesday - Deadline for Giving Extended
The Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island Conferences of the United Church of Christ participated in the #GivingTuesday generosity movement on ...

Survey Indicates Support for Tri-conference Collaboration, Possible Merger
Over the last past 9 months, 555 people responding to a survey have indicated their support for the concept of a greater partnership or possible ...
Blog Posts

Pressing Climate Justice Work
"Regardless of your political leanings, it can’t be disputed that the environment lost in the recent election." - Pam Arifian

Guest Blog: Going Home - A Thanksgiving Testimony
By George Wentworth This testimony was presented during worship on November 20 at Church of Christ, Congregational, Newington, CT, where Mr. ...

The Christian Holiday I’m Most In Need of Right Now
"We know how easy it is for Christians to see only the Jesus we want to see." - Rev. Max Grant


Spirit Calendar
Judgement and Grace
"The Good News of Advent is that a King is coming, a Sovereign who judges us by a different set of rules than we judge ourselves." - Rev. Mary Nelson
Two Steps Toward Understanding
"For some, the divide we see across our country is often a divide we see in our own personal lives as well." - Tiffany Vail
"The impact of our collaborative ministries is that our youth are indeed light-bearers who are carrying the torch with grace! " - Debby Kirk
Spirited Wednesday
A Peaceable Future
"...sharing in this journey is the only path toward healing and hope." -Rev. Mary Louise Howson
Who Knows?
"No one knows what will happen this December – not the angels, not the Son, not any of us. But there could be a miracle." - Rev. Alison Buttrick J. ...
Even In This Circumstance, Give Thanks
"When we dare to pray, “Thank you God for being with me in this circumstance,” we may discover God’s strength and blessing when we need it most." - ...